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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Riffe Lake Washington

A boondocker should know for himself how to outfit, how to make a camp,wield an axe,make a fire,cook,wash,mend and travel without losing his way. How to trail,shoot,hunt,fish,dress game,boat and canoe.A true woodsmen is sure to do the right thing at the right time, what ever might befall him.

A woodsmen, concocts mysterious dopes with unsanctomoniious smells. Fishes in odd corners where others have no business, And generally sets female members of the household to curiosity, dissapproval, and other sundry states of mind. :)

Even though a man rigs his own outfit, every season sees the fall of some fond contrivance. Every winter flogging ones wits with the same old problem of how to save weight and bulk without sacrificing utility.

If some misguided genius should invent camping equipment that no one can find fault with, half our pleasure is sure to be swept away in life :)

It is a point of honor for every man to carry a complete kit of personal necsessities, down to the last detail.

Be plain in the woods, in a way you are emulating the heroes of the past who made trails across continents. Facing the dangers of an unknown realm.

Lets sometimes fashion our meal on a sharpened stick, broil our venison and serve it upon a sheet of fresh bark, it tastes better.

We seek the woods, to escape civilization for a time. Then loath the return to a way of life which is far to complicated.

When you win your way through the wilds with axe and rifle. You win the imperturbability of a mind at ease with itself.

It is the blessing of wilderness life to show us how few things we need in order to be perfectly happy.

We do not go to the woods to rough it, we go to soothe it.

The art of going right but light, is hard to learn.

If you have something you know you cannot sleep without, religiously stow that in your kit. It is your amulet, your medicine against the bogies and spooks of the forest.

The joy and sorrow of camp life and the proportion to each other are very much dependent on who we have chosen as a companion. Not every good fello in town, makes a good comrade in the woods.

To be of the right stuff be ready to endure trial and privation without a murmer. The hardest for most is to put up with petty inconveniences without grumbling.

The best quality of a camp mate is a love of nature for it's own sake.

Photography By Gary Graefen

Riffe Lake

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Riffe Lake
Riffe Lake.jpg
LocationLewis CountyWashington,United States
Coordinates46°32′4″N 122°25′43″WCoordinates46°32′4″N 122°25′43″W[1]
Primary inflowsCowlitz River
Primary outflowsCowlitz River
Catchment area1,400 sq mi (3,630 km2)[2]
Basin countriesUnited States
Max. length23.5 mi (37.8 km)[2]
Surface area11,830 acres (47.9 km2)[3]
Shore length152 mi (83.7 km)[2]
Surface elevation778.5 ft (237 m)[2]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.
Riffe Lake is a 23.5 mi (38 km) long reservoir on the Cowlitz River in the U.S. state of Washington. Originally named Davisson Lake, it was created in 1968 with the construction of Mossyrock Dam.[2] The lake was renamed in 1976 after the community of Riffe, which was inundated by the lake.
Fishing in Riffe Lake can be very good. Species include rainbow, brown trout, landlocked coho, bass both large mouth and Small mouth, bluegill,crappie, and perch.[4]

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