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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Devils Way

This video was posted on a persons profile-I viewed it and decided it was true garbage. i vented an exclamation and was attacked as being ego maniacal because I found it to be distasteful. And that I was looking for attention. I laughed at that one. But more to the point. Was this quote from of all places StarTrek.

Vigilance before the burning of witches, because before you blink an eye it starts all over again. Those who cloak themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged-but someone is always waiting to spread fear in the name of righteousness.

Think clearly before you start trying to find the devils hand in activity which is simply people looking for a better way, a different ideal, or a new way to do things. If you ask me Satan is that women looking at you below.
I know that the people who are participating are well-meaning, but through my research I find that it is likely that the Devil and those who serve him are up...

Yes there really is a problem in how "justice" is dealt
I think this is what the 99% are talking about
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    • Gary Graefen What took place early Friday morning in Zuccotti Park was the first salvo in a long struggle for justice. It signaled a step backward by the corporate state in the face of popular pressure. And it was carried out by ordinary men and women who sleep at night on concrete, get soaked in rainstorms, eat donated food and have nothing as weapons but their dignity, resilience and courage. It is they, and they alone, who hold out the possibility of salvation. And if we join them we might have a chance.
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