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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LOL-Facebook Crazy

AND THEN I find out the not only does the CIA own Google, Facebook and U-Tube but also, got their hands on Skype! Well now, I suppose we shouldn't be scared, I'm not but I am VERY ANNOYED. Thei tracked me to my private email address to ask why I don't play games, you know like FarmVIlle and so on...I was very surprised to tell you the truth. Of course all that went to SPAM. I like to think I am a very private person but these guys break all the rules!
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Alain Roche I always thought the pentagon owned Google. personally they can spy on us all they want, they're so paranoid as to want to control what we see, what we hear, what we think, they think we're no more than a bunch of rats in an experiment.

Alain Roche who is really controlling whom. pretty soon, they won't even be able to control their bodily functions.

Marie Delorme That's right, at this time all US military is in charge of spying and law making and order and, and....theyare all the same with a different name for tax puposes. HOME LAND SECURITY is the catch all.

Phillis WeArechanged Georgia For all the world their behavior is identical to that of a desperate stalker. The stalker doesn't want his ex to be with anybody else, so he/she tries to trip them up at every turn. By anyone's definition, that IS desperation. They are mightily afraid of SOMETHING about us. I see no grace or dignity in any of these actions, as they are nothing but grabs for control.

Marie Delorme The good news is that they are losing their grip. Yes, they feed on our fears, but guess what the world is waking up to THEIR fears that we are catching on, and we are, FAST...Yehhhh.

Phillis WeArechanged Georgia The next logical question would be.....did we wake up in time? What do you think, Marie?

Marie Delorme Yes, Mamm, we did and we are getting help from above when we need it. It took me a long time to understand the concept of 'We are One". We are doing very, very well. For me, the sad thing is realising that I have to leave some family and friends in the dark. It's either that or they will lock me up;)

Alain Roche @Phillis WeArechanged Georgia
you are right on regarding the stalker bit or like someone who hires a detective to have someone followed. They are all a bunch of freaks.

Phillis WeArechanged Georgia That's the biggest problem with psychopathy as I see it. There is a complete inability to fill one's self, so the perpetual motion never ceases. They are ever-seeking to find that next external fix. No matter how lofty the goal achieved, nor how impressive the achievement may have been to others, the psychopath can never truly rest, never truly know enough power, never truly know happiness, never have enough wealth, nor ever feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. No matter what they do, they cannot fill the cavernous emptiness inside. This is precisely why there are enough nukes to kill the world 22 times over, then they invented CERN and other nasties on top of that. I could actually feel pity for them if it weren't for that whole global genocide thing. That's kind of a sticking point for me. lol

Phillis WeArechanged Georgia Exactly, Alain! Even a dumbass knows you cannot make deals with psychopaths. They never hold up their end of the bargain. We have a bunch of college educated elites thinking they're in good and tight with the cabal, but they are going to find out too late that they are seen as nothing more than Happy Meals on legs, their usefulness now complete.

Alain Roche I think of malls as being similar to futuristic domed cities, similar to the ones you see in science fiction movies, one example - the island.
music is piped in and once in awhile, a message informing you of a special sale or a prize to win if you enter a contest. It's all about control. Can't remember last time I was in a mall. Kind of reminds me also of the old english 60's serie, I think they only made 6 or 7 episodes (the prisoner).

Phillis WeArechanged Georgia Ooooh, good point. I never looked at malls in that way before, but you're right. Everything seems a perfect utopia until you want to go outside or exhibit free will. I had a vivid dream about FEMA camps not even a month ago. It was so disturbing and so real that I felt like I was in the FEMA camp already. It took me hours to get over that feeling after I awoke. Yuck.

Phillis WeArechanged Georgia Yes, exactly. Built on railroad tracks, many retrofitted with the same incinerators as the more famous camps. Barbed wire pointed inward, of course. All the same things as WWII. No difference whatsoever, except maybe the portable guillotines. I don't remember hearing about anything like that in the other camps.

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