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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Am Not Afraid

You have a right to say what you believe and so do I
You can be who and what you are-I will not condemn you
You can live where you decide and attend what you want
You can believe what you choose
You Can be Rich or Poor
You can marry or be single
You can Travel where you will
You can have many children or none
You can work or not
You can be educated or illiterate
You can be fat or thin
You can be Black,White, or Brown
You can come from any Nation on Earth
You can partake of any food, place or activity within the law
I can die for your right to be
I can allow my children to die for your right to be
I can look you in the eye and Say-You and I are Brothers
Because You and I are
Please be one-and Vote this coming election
My Best wishes for your health and happiness
This Blog is dedicated to the millions of young men who never came home.
And my two sons, who I am very proud of,who through the Grace of God-Did get home

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