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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Survival-The Kiss Of Death

Scientists have predicted:
A world population of 9,309,051,539 By 2050
Oil supplies will end at some point
All our agriculture depends on fertilizers made from oil.
Millions are already starving to death globally
Land use is totally destroying natural habitat globally
Global warming is increasing ,tornados,hurricanes,floods and other natural disasters.
Clean drinking water is more and more difficult to obtain everywhere.
Open land except for parks and agriculture is becoming non-existant.
More and More people will die from disease because of poor sanitation and lack of fresh water.
Global economies are dependant on consumption, yet that very thing is what is destroying the planet.
The only REAL solutions:
Mandatory sterilization, Fixed number of children,mandatory abortions.
Oil use dictated by need and supply,fixed travel allotments
Mandatory requirements of eco sustainable lifestyles, similar to the indian.
Mandatory implementation of green technology
The demise of the personal automobile
The end of democracy as we know it.
Forced pollution control on ALL manufacturing.
Forced lifestyle implementation-ie, you live where and how you are told.
Routine execution of the old,handicapped,mentally ill and everyone else who provides nothing.
If population increases do not stop the above senerio is not just possible but probable. It will happen out of the desire of our species to survive. Or perhaps it will all end due to wars waged for natural resources. Rats eat each other out of lack of space and food.
All that can be done is change-change your lifestyle,change your habits,change your expectations.
It will not matter to me, I will be dead
But my children and grand children will be here-I pity them, all I can offer is hope-But I fear it is empty hope.
The human race has lost its way.

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