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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Racial Bigotry-Its Out Dated-Get It In Your Head

Here in Seattle-2 young men kicked the crap out of a 16 year old white kid, and held him hostage torturing him for hours. At least they left him alive. But each 20 something is now looking at 6 years hard time. And very poor prospects for a future job. All in the name of racial hatred. Years ago I thought why do people judge and hate each other so much. The conclusion I drew was that economic disparity caused it. Blacks lived in the inner city, had far fewer opportunities for advancement and better jobs. The anger was apparent and understood.
Today is another matter entirely. I know many hispanics and blacks who have far more opportunity than I do. A poor 57 year old white guy.  I face more job discrimination than they do by far. It isn't my color but my age. A preconception that I will not do as good a job as someone younger. They come into where I work. Driving new cars, own their own homes and have far more in life than I ever have. When ever I hear someone of color bitch about there condition I kinda cringe inside. They tend to blame their woes on race. I guess thats just easier than to admit-your just a f-up. With a black president, many senators, doctors, lawyers, business leaders of color.
It is time to get it in your thick head-it's not your race anymore dummy-its YOUR attitude, lack of skills, and low motivation. I would hire a smart energetic person of color over a lazy white guy any day. Because thats what the world needs-people who work and try hard. There color?-who cares. you shouldn't white, black, brown.
It's time to give it a rest.

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