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Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Made in China"-Don't buy it. You Hurt People When You Do

When I think about china, as a communist nation. I remember the cold war with Russia,  growing up as a  young man. The Fear we all felt with the Cuban missle crisis. The desire to irradicate this form of government from the face of the earth. I read about the nature of china, the inexorable neglect of the environment. Its lack of human rights and dignity for it's populace. Now an American is being held for collecting data which was openly available to everyone-except him. 8 years hard time and I am certain abuse. I started thinking to myself, I have been helping this government prosper by buying its products, over and over. Sometimes not even knowing that what I am buying was "Made In China". I think more about my pocket book than I do the harm I create when I support this country with my dollars. So I decided today-I WILL NOT BUY CHINESE PRODUCTS ANY MORE!. I will do my best to look at the manufacturer. Then bypass anything made in China. Because I have been a hypocrite, I believe in human rights and the dignity of man. The protection of the earth and all it's rich glories. I can no longer continue with a behavior that sacrifices what I truly believe in. I would urge you to do the same. SAY NO TO COMMUNISM-Do not buy "Made In China" any longer. Only that can make a real difference.
The old adage still holds true-money talks and bullshit walks-Gary

ap news
"A Beijing appeals court upheld Friday the eight-year prison sentence given to an American geologist for obtaining information on the Chinese oil industry, dimming hopes for his release in a case that has further strained U.S.-China relations.
The Beijing High People's Court, in a brief decision, refuted Xue Feng's arguments that the information he collected was commercially available and asserted the government's authority to classify material state secrets, said his lawyer, Tong Wei.
"They rejected all our arguments," Tong said outside the courthouse afterward.
An oil industry consultant, the 46-year-old Xue has already been in custody for more than three years. His case has vexed already troubled ties between Washington and Beijing and has been raised repeatedly in high-level meetings after Xue told American consular officials his interrogators physically mistreated him."

China charges subversion for protest repostings

BEIJING (AP) -- China filed subversion charges against Internet users who reposted a call for protests as the authoritarian government enforced its crackdown against any Middle East-style democracy movement, activists said.
In addition to well-known activists who apparently remained in custody after being taken away ahead of the planned protests on Sunday, at least three people were detained on charges of "inciting subversion of state power," according to the Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy. China often uses the vaguely worded charge to lock up outspoken government critics.
In a nod to social stability concerns, China's Vice President Xi Jinping on Wednesday urged greater outreach by the ruling Communist Party to handle issues related to education, employment, health care and housing.
This is to resolve social conflicts, maintain social stability, and promote social harmony," Xi said, echoing remarks over the weekend by president and party leader Hu Jintao.
State media also quoted a top government adviser as dismissing the possibility of a Middle East-style revolution in China as "ridiculous and unrealistic."

Institutionalized Dehumanization:

Comments By People
It's not just Apple it's corporate America in general. They farm their mfg out to China for pennies on the dollar. Then you'd think they'd lower their prices. HA The prices are the same as when they were made in America. The only difference is that now Americans are out of work and the corporations are pocketing the profits all to please Wall Street.

This is what you get for employing off shore workers instead of American Manufacturing. Yes, it will cost more to manufacture here in the U.S.A but it will grow the American economy. I do blame the greed of companies in search of cheap labors and sacrificing humans conditions for your corporate gains. There is no win win situation here until we look at a whole global working conditions on the cheap side of labors. We need to keep American jobs here in this country or we will soon be a second class citizen next to China or India.

Steve Jobs simply took corporate greed to the next level. Outsource everything to China. Offshore profits to avoid taxation. Suck billions out of the US economy and give back nothing. He even screws the developers who create apps for his platform; charging 30% gross of every app sold. For this he is made a Saint. Pathetic. Shove our iToys up you iAss.

Sending jobs overseas puts Americans out of jobs and makes slaves out of people in foreign lands, a win win for the corporate world and a lose lose for workers here and overseas.Its the human against profit, has been that way for hundreds of years. How do we as a race rise above greed and all the dark elements of our human nature? Really its the core element of so many things that are wrong with the world, would we do the same if we were in a position to make big bucks? We hoped when we came to the shores of America that the new government would not fall victim to the same problems as we left in the old country, but it did.

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