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Friday, February 4, 2011

Not Enough Food In The World?-Perhaps The People Have The Answer

With all of the horrid weather, flooding and snow lately food prices are expected to go through the roof.
Starvation will become even more apparent. Add ethanol production and many more will starve.
Our politicians only cater to their own. I doubt they will help much with this coming catastrophe.
But I was amazed and surprised by some of the responses to an article by Yahoo news about the coming crisis. Readers actually had what I considered to be good potential solutions to the food crisis-you can see what they said below.

43 million Americans on food stamps. Do you right wing extremists really think this is due to laziness? People want to work; people want to have self worth. Stop blaming and realize that we are under a slow attack by some very evil people with an enormous amount of power. We need to take our world back. I challenge you to not write everything off as a conspiracy without actually looking into things. Denial is understandable but not acceptable. If you are not waking up then you are part of the problem.

the REAL problem with the cost of food for the poor is that the things that have better nutrition and are better to build strong teeth and bones cost so much that people change their spending to something that just fills you up from McDs and put the FAT on them because they are FULL FOR THE TIME BEING!

Well, this should solve the problems reported in the accompanying articles on obesity. The higher the cost of food, the less everyone eats. The less you eat the less weight you gain. It should also please people like PETA, since meat is the most expensive, so will probably become prohibited for the average consumer.

Grow your own at home and tell the large food companies to kiss your fresh veggies. They need us more then we need them. We can grow our own. The large food companies are a convenience to have but not a necessity. This is what you get when a country is eaten up by auntripanures, too many people trying to get rich from someone else’s sweat.

Scarcity is a myth. Break up OPEC, big energy companies, big mining companies, the big banks, food conglomerates and other criminal monopolies, make commodity hoarding and speculation a crime, and get back to fair trade and humanistic policies.

The problem is that all these third worlders, Muslims, Spanish, and minority groups are having babies as fast as they possible can, even though they can't support them, in an attempt to gain power through population. They want to make armies, gangs, votes, or a flood of invasion immigration. They drain everybody's resources and overtax the food supply. This is an evil as bad as any other. It's just stealing from the rest of us and bankrupting the food vault. They are making murderous revolution and are asking us to pay for it, too! If you can’t support them, you should not have babies, especially five+ each, and scream and demand everyone else to pay for them. It is the latest evil ploy. It is no different than holding a gun to our heads.

As the world gets more people, the food and water situation will get worse. We keep building towns and cities in prime growing areas here in the US - bad move. We should have a massive interstate pipe system for water to move water from areas getting too much and putting it where we can grow more food.

One word "hydroponics"

Also, wouldn’t be surprised to find Goldman Sachs manipulating food prices, as with energy prices...again.

On the other hand, the Middle East’s oil profits are diving up mega-food's production costs and you see how that's been playing out in Egypt and Tunisia...Yemen...Jordan.
Everybody can help......hydroponics for your own needs.

Remember, the International banks and their army of Wall Street Mafioso’s got caught in their last scam. Many of us warned you that their next step to keep the plunder of our wallets going would be a steady price increase on food. The deaf just can't hear, and the blind can't see what's right in front of them.

Every one of you probably knows someone who's part of that profiteering culture. And yet you'll still engage them, you'll still call them friends. You'll still give them aid when they call and comfort when they're weak. You aid and abet them because they're your neighbors and family members.

They all should be shunned. If they want their aristocracy, well then, let them live with it. Right now they're all cloaked to invisibility by a hundred people around them, all of whom are being ultimately screwed by them and their culture of greed.

There a very simple solution to this problem: it's called sharing! I guess most world leaders were absent that day in kindergarten. There is absolutely no justifiable reason anyone in this world should go hungry. Yes, there are practical problems with distribution that must and can be solved (if we wanted to do so). However, the real problem is people being greedy and gauging one another and not sharing. I'm amazed how brainwashed we've become to think money is really worth anything when it really isn't inherently worth anything, only the value we agree to place on it (as we have seen so much recently during this economic crisis, i.e. Iceland, U.S. banks, etc.).

Think about this, food prices are only getting started and the US government wants to create more laws designed to prevent small community food suppliers, IE small farms, co-op farm projects, farmers markets to provide affordable food to their communities!! Does this concern anyone?!!! A government that does the exact opposite of what is needed to correct a problem is a government with an ulterior motive,,,,,,, and yet the sheeple prod along as usual!!

Stop subsidizing ethanol and other biofuels that are worthless. Corn goes into the production about anything you can name, but the issue is most of it is going into producing ethanol which is causing the price of corn to go up.

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