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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Better Way To Look At Things

We tell ourselves what a great nation we have. That we have a better standard of living, and freedom. That no place on earth rivals our beleaguered nation. It really isn't true anymore. My Grand parents had an extraordinary life. My parents a good one. Mine has been ok-But I fear my sons lives will be nowhere close to what my Grandparents lives were. I do not believe we can go back in time. The ever burgeoning population growth kinda of puts a kabash on ever increasing economic growth and prosperity. the division between the haves and the have nots widens each and everyday. So perhaps it is time to stop saying we are the greatest nation on earth, and focus more on being a kinder nation. Less ready to kill, less ready to harm others. More intent on a better world, than just a better nation. Because when the earth fails at our hands, there will be no one to care about who had the greatest nation. Only the sound of an empty wind.

Watch it Here On YouTube   The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History
America Is Not the Greatest Country Any More 

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  1. Great post gary-I don't think america is what it used to be either.


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