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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Separation Of Church And State-The Big Paradox

"This week, we saw a white, Catholic, Republican federal judge murdered on his way to greet a Democratic woman, member of Congress, who was his friend and was Jewish. Her life was saved initially by a 20-year-old Mexican-American college student, who saved her, and eventually by a Korean-American combat surgeon" (an observation by historian Alan Ginsberg).

"And then it was all eulogized and explained by our African-American president. And, in a tragic event, that’s a remarkable statement about the country" (an addition by columnist Mark Shields).

Fortunately the hatred of many only resides in the hearts of a few! If the Governor of Alabama and his applauders don't want to claim you, then I will. You are all my brothers and sisters and may only good things happen to all of you!

I found this post on yahoo news.

 Governor of Alabama

 The new Governor of Alabama has decided he prefers Christians.
 I didn't know that you were allowed to choose-LOL. Had I known that, perhaps I would have run for governor.

Maybe I could even choose my own constituency. I think I want all people who have blue eyes, Only black or blond hair, and oh-a dimple.

My father once told me he wished all the races would get back to one color so all the fighting would stop.

I still think about that. He's right I think. It's the same with religion in a society that professes to have a separation between church and state.

All one religion-no more fighting. Won't happen though. And thats why we need to have leaders who can be color blind,religion blind, gender blind and focused on what "We The People Want".

That is their job after all. Since I do not live in Albama, I won't worry to much-but I'll bet there will be a good pr job available soon in
 First Confederate Capitol

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