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Sunday, November 6, 2011

What It Means To Be A Christian

Not everything at Facebook Is Drivel:

Patrick Garrett ‎@jeff, after 911 numerous people claiming Christianity attacked and provoked people of muslim faith, just for being muslim. This is well documented.

There was also the long history of Holy Wars in which "Christians" decided that it was important to take back the holy land from the muslims. They attacked over and over to no avail.

There is also a long history of Christians from France, England, and America seeking to occupy and eliminate muslims from muslim countries. French Christians even adopted a policy to shoot anyone wearing a turban in Moroco.

I believe it was the American Christians that took it upon themselves to slaughter a nation of indians who were indigenous to north america.

There was also numerous accounts of Christians drowing, burning, and torturing women who they felt might be witches. All as a homage to Christianity.

In many of the states during the establishments of states in the east coast, people of differing versions of Christianity were killed because of their differing views of Christianity.

There is a long history of Christian radicals who kill for Christ by shooting abortion doctors. Even blowing up clinics.

You can say that you don't believe these were true Christians even though they did these things in the name of their religion but many Muslims would say the same about Muslims who choose violence.

The fact is that Christians have initiated violence since the inception of Christianity. Violence is not something that disappears when one chooses Christ. They are just as susceptible to violence as the next.

Wouldn't you agree?

Gary Graefen like I SAID A TRUE CHRISTIAN TURNS THE OTHER CHEEK-LOOK IT UP and stop using your history lesson to butress your point.

Dang, @Gary, a bit intense. You are aware that accepting Jesus, getting baptized and becoming a Christian doesn't mean that human nature ceases to exist. Some Christians actually lie, speed, cheat, kill, and don't turn the other cheek. It does say we should turn the other cheek, however, I would hate to think that you believed that all Christians were sinless and often failed to turn the other cheek. Or even worse, that a Christian would strike first.

Thus Christians do not always turn the other cheek. They often do strike first. They also seem to retaliate. Hence the fallacy of human nature and the burden of constant failure that is Man.

The Faith Of A True Christian

My Reply:

Gary Graefen Christians do fail I agree-and failure is endemic to human nature. However the real test of a christian is to face death with an open heart and stay true to the teachings of Christ. If one cannot or will not do that than I have an issue with calling them a christian. Along with this video were links I had found to someone on facebook who had a gallery of horror based on the burnings of christians through out africa. They died rather than disavow their beliefs. This is the ultimate test of faith. If a muslim or christian corrupts the spirit of their faith-then it is not really faith at all. And at that point their religious "label" is no longer valid. I can not call a murderer a christian. Though Christ promises forgiveness it comes at a price. If one will not pay that price-than how can you call them a Christian? The fact that hordes have facilitated war in the name of something-doesn't mean that they carry the spirit of that faith in there heart.

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