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Monday, November 14, 2011

Study proves regulations killed practically no jobs-The facts speak for themselves

The facts speak for themselves
In three straight recent weekly addresses, Republicans have asserted that “excessive government regulations” are keeping businesses from creating jobs.
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    • Jeff Hushfield Sorry Gary, but I strongly disagree.
      4 hours ago · 
    • Gary Graefen If you check the stat link its a government report. Verifying facts sometimes is difficult. However the economic collapse has been blamed by MANY on both sides of the political spectrum from deregulation of the mortgage industry. Government regulations are an important part of keeping us safe. If they are to strict some might suffer. But job killers?-that is not something that these stats indicate at all.
      3 hours ago · 
    • Jeff Hushfield Okay, that study is recent and only covers a small period of time. With an already bad economy, there aren't many more jobs to be lost. BUT, historically what over regulation does is kill and/or stifle jobs. Now, notice I said "Over" regulation. Yes, we need a certain amount of moderate regulation, with no rules people cheat. So too little regulation gives an unfair advantage o those who cheat. But too much regulation hurts everyone, no matter what industry. Case in point - health care insurance costs could greatly be reduced by relaxing the restrictions on cross state selling of policies. That would create real competition and then the market would make ins affordable to many more Americans. So that study by the gov't, the current one that is over regulating, is misleading and only covers a brief period of time. Oh, there are many reports out there of how recent gov't over regulations have caused employers to cut back on staff because of the cost of complying with regulations.
      3 hours ago · 
    • Gary Graefen So you are dismissing my data without any any of your own. And deciding with your opinion that you are right. In my world debate means solid evidence. If you have some to present I would be happy to look at it.
      2 hours ago · 
    • Jeff Hushfield Well my goodness Gary, I'm just going by what I've historically observed over years and decades. Your report only covers one very brief period of time. But it does show that over regulation by the gov't will either kill jobs or at the very least stifle job growth. Isn't that what's been happening the last 3 years with all the over regulation that has been going on?? Sometimes a little bit of applied common sense can do so much more than a ton of facts and figures. Food for thought.
      2 hours ago · 
    • Gary Graefen We are talking about right now aren't we?. My concern about the economy is current. If it is a backward looking concept than yes more data is needed. I agree that over regulation is a bad thing. But so is under regulation. The whole thing comes down to a balance.
      2 hours ago · 
    • Jeff Hushfield That much I agree with you on, we need balance. But that starts with getting rid of the current incumbent in the White House. If you notice any of my updates, I'm always posting information of how he is ruining America.
      2 hours ago ·  ·  1
    • Gary Graefen I would reserve judgement on that until I know who his challenger is. I do not feel Obama is ruining america. I think he is at an impasse because of a very split and awkward congress. And his methods-which HAVE proven successful in the past are totally thwarted. I am not a strict party follower. i have written blogs about why both parties are needed and there relationship to america as a whole. There are many examples of success in both parties.
      about an hour ago · 
    • Jeff Hushfield What?? When in the world have ANY of his methods proved to be successful??? You have to be kidding me. And by the way, he had a dem controlled Congress. Did you notice that because of the FAILED policies we saw TEA Party candidates elected??? Okay Gary, you say you want proof??? Just keep watching my updates, whenever I come across information about how he IS damaging America, I'll be posting. But of course if you like, youre more than welcome to browse my wall a review everything I've already posted. Reserve judgement, wow. this guy has GOT to go, no 2 ways about it. he is absolutely the WORST president we have ever had. Even worse than Carter. You're not a socialist are you?? An objective look at his term in office so far should be very telling.
      about an hour ago · 
    • Gary Graefen I am at work right now in a capitalist store run by an entrepreneurial style owner. Do not perceive democrats as socialist . And have 58 years as an american under my belt. I have lived through 4 recces ions, 10 presidents, More wars than I care to think about. And near death 4 times. My opinions are based on observation and fact . Since I am leaving I will get back to you with some american democrat success stories. :)
      about an hour ago · 
    • Jeff Hushfield Guess what, obama is a socialist. And a muslim too. Those 2 things concern me.
      about an hour ago · 
    • Gary Graefen when obama comes out and says he is those things I will believe it-untill then it is paranoid gossip.
      about an hour ago · 
    • Gary Graefen I am not saying these are the only good ones either this is a list I would agree with, but would include Bill Clinton for his budget surplus.
      With many to choose from, the debate over which are the 5 best Democratic Presid...
      58 minutes ago ·  · 
    • Jeff Hushfield You said you're 58 years old. So I'm sure you're aware og that ole' saying: "Actions speak louder than words". His policies and actions these last 3 years, not to mention the rest of his are a very compelling indicator of both. If those 2 things don't concern you, that's one thing. Just consider how friendly he is with muslims. Again, I'll post info regularly when I come across it.
      57 minutes ago · 
    • Jeff Hushfield Clinton, the far leftist who had to move to center after the '94 elections. It was the repubs who balanced the budget. He just went along for the ride. But I guess that's my perspective.
      54 minutes ago · 
    • Gary Graefen recently I was having a very bad discussion about muslims and there attacking and killing christians across africa. It is not in the interests of international peace to be openly hostile to muslims. One pastor had them all ready to hurt globally for the burning of one Koran. If obama makes nice with them doesn't it make sense that maybe they will do less damage. As for Clinton-he doesn't get credit when in office, but obama gets blamed trying to clean up after George Bush. Thats logic in favoritism
      48 minutes ago · 
    • Gary Graefen The worst Democratic and Republican presidents of the US?
      Of modern times only. And if you republican or democrat knew what of a president would turn like. Would you have voted for the opposite party?
      11 months ago Report Abuse

      Jersey Guy
      Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

      For Democratic, there are a number candidates for "Worst" including our current one, however, the Jury is still out on that. So, for all time Worst Democrat, I have to choose Andrew Jackson since he strongly supported Slavery, Advocated Removal of the Native Americans and was the father of the "Political Patronage" system, then refereed to as the "Spoils System" This is now the foundation of the "political pork system" better known as "Earmarks".

      For modern times, lets Say LBJ for his role in getting us into the Vietnam war and using the spoils system to enrich his Patrons using Vietnam as the catalyst for the spending. Talk about Bush, try reading up on LBJ and the Vietnam war.

      Now for worst Republican Lets try Grant. While he was Anti Slavery and pro American Indian both of which are commendable, but, his Presidency was dominated by Scandals and corruption and was largely responsible for the destruction of the Economy. As a General before the presidency he was ruthless and thought nothing of Burning down the city of Richmond. and there were many more examples.

      Now for modern Republican, Well I guess we have to use Nixon since he was impeached for the watergate cover up, however, don't let that cloud the fact that on the Foreign relations field he was probably the greatest of all time.

      For your second question: I vote for the man and his platform not the "Party" to do so is Mad. Yet, I know many who vote a party line year after year and don' have any idea as to what they stand for or against, just the Party!

      Proud Vet
      40 minutes ago · 
    • Jeff Hushfield I guess it's a matter of perspective. I believe in God and The Bible. I am Pro-Life from conception, I am Pro-Family in the true traditional sense of man & woman. I'm for less gov't, lower taxes, less spending, states rights, individual rights AND responsibilities, strong military and the 2nd Amendment. So that's the perspective that I come from.
      39 minutes ago · 
    • Jeff Hushfield By the way, as much as I don't like LBJ (even though I'm a Texan), he didn't get us into Viet Nam. He did mismanage it. But that started even before JFK took office.
      37 minutes ago · 
    • Gary Graefen In my world my religion, my views, my politics and tax views are Irrelevant. What I believe in is the american system of government. That the phrase inalienable rights applies to EVERYONE irregardless of color,race or sexual orientation. That Freedom means for everyone. And that change can be a good thing. If it comes from republican or democrat white or black pro abortion or non. If it is change that a majority of Americans are for-then I approve. Because that is what America is supposed to be.
      27 minutes ago · 
    • Gary Graefen Ps I hope you don't mind I am gonna have to blog this discussion-it has been a good one
      26 minutes ago · 

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