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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Yes It's Christmas :)

One of my hardest times of the year is coming. And that is Christmas. Not because I I do not find it a joyous occasion. But because It always makes me so very sad knowing how many are suffering in very real ways everyday. So many will not know the love of God or have a simple holiday meal. They will be sleeping in alleys, making due in the frigid cold. Some will have no blanket. Some no food at all. To them the idea of a savior or the promise of eternal salvation will mean little. Their only concern will be trying to stay alive just one more day.
So every Christmas I try to find someone to help in some way. Some years I have walked down the streets and given people money. Not lots, I don't have that. Usually it,s a $5 bill so that they can get a cup of coffee and sandwich. I don't care if they spend it on booze, or even a hit of dope if thats what they need to get through another day. Sometimes it's a small package left at a door with an annoumous wish. Or a toy for a child I know will not get one. There lives perhaps are self induced. Some wind up there through no fault of there own. It doesn't matter. Some say to me your not helping them Gary your just provocating there own problems. i smile and say perhaps. But I know what it feels like to have nothing. i know what it,s like to be at a point in life where no one seems to care. One day isn't going to change anything for them, except perhaps to realize that God cares. They will never know my name or who I am. It isn't about the desire for gratitude or even to make me feel better. It is about the celebration of the birth of the son of God. And that they are loved. Even if if they do not know it. It is a small gesture, one I hope will have a postive effect. If not thats ok, because it's Christmas. Every year I make a plea, a plea that in your joy that you would help someone in need. Find someone who goes without, take some time and perhaps a little money and help them. $5 to the guy trying to bum money on the freeway. A small gift to a needy family. That is Gods way, and the way Christ would have us be. I hope you will  -Gary

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