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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Solar Really Is The Way Of The Future,

Roughly 100 years ago the automobile was invented. The first one was funky with not much more power than a good bicycle. But over time it was refined, re engineered and became the modern miracle we know today which drives our economy. Horse use became history. But initally there was big resistance to this new fangled idea. Everyone who used horses would laugh and say that thing will never replace a good horse. Within a really short period of time though, stables and the local stable boys were out of business. Reality?- they found other work. Some probably became auto mechanics. Today the world is at a cross roads. this marvelous technological invention is polluting the atmosphere so badly that scientists tell us the world as we know it could end. The use of coal and oil for power is ruining the environment.
   15 years ago i had bought a set of used solar panels. Used because new they were very expensive and truthfully not very efficient. They served me fairly well though and supplied me with about 1/2 of my daily power needs. Recently since I decided to live a more frugal lifestyle i decided to re invest in some new solar panels. They cost me about  $600 after taxes for 2 fairly large panels. The Shocker?, these two units which cost about 1/2 of a decent gasoline powered generator are giving me sometimes more power than I use in a day. Obviusly it has helped to use more efficient light bulbs and I went to a laptop instead of a desktop. Cailifornia has gone ahead and started using it's deserts and available rooftops to install solar panels and wind generators. They are beginning to show up everywhere. The republicans and conservatives who keep battling to keep this from happening remind me of the stable boys who didn't want the automobile. They are trying to protect industries which will and should become like the horse of old. GONE. Technological advancement is pointless unless you use it.
  And listen up coal and oil states-YOU WILL FIND ANOTHER WAY TO MAKE MONEY!. People always do. And you will be helping to protect the planet far into the future.

  At what I paid for these 2 panels-if I used a gasoline engine, EVEN AT $2 a gallon THE PANELS PAY FOR THEMSELVES IN 3 MONTHS. Thats right 3 months.
At an estimated lifespan of 30 years that means I will have FREE POWER for longer than I will live. NO JOKE OR BS HERE. They are far more efficient even on cloudy days than they ever where. Good enough to be used even in cloudy states. This is from someone who OWNS SOME. Not a salesman, no need to make this up. Perhaps the only thing I really agreed with where Obama is concerned. If you own a home you can get tax credits to install them. A simple devise now called an inverter takes there 12 volt ouput and turns it into the 120 to drive your home. And any excess is put back into the power grid.

 it is time to join the 21rst century if you haven't yet. If for any reason other than the above, to help save our planet for future generations!-Gary

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