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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

On Being A Grand Parent

When I Was A Boy,
A kind and white haired man would take my hand. we would go fishing, take boat rides, talk for hours, argue about the finer points of life. If I was in trouble he was there to help. If I needed he gave. There was never equivocation he just loved me. As his first grandson I enjoyed a certain privilege. I knew it smile emoticon but he never ever made an issue out of anything. Almost 20 years later I miss him immensely. I still see his face, his way and kind manner towards me. Today I do not get the chance to be this person for someone else. It is sometimes sad to me. It is a wonderful thing to be someone so special in someone else's life. If your lucky enough to be a grand parent who sees's their grandchild, you've been given a privilege.
Cherish It 
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