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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Beautiful You

Lately I have been seeing images all over the tabloids at the grocery checkout detailing the aging process of stars and celebrities no longer in their prime. It made me start thinking about the women I have loved, or still do. My grand mother went from beautiful to withered. A current someone I know is always worried "how do I look". Never realizing that it isn't the outside I love. That I expect
a person to age and not be the young hot thing they once were. My most powerful feelings are those that come from what someone is on the inside. When I look at people I love I don't see what they are turning into. I see what they have become. And know that when I lose them, the loss is about how special they made me feel, not how they looked. How they treated others and made them feel. When I look at you, you will always be beautiful. Because you always made me feel special and loved. And my memories will Always be about the beautiful you.

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