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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Echeck Problem With Paypal. Fraudulent Charges BIG ONES

Thought I would warn you all about PAYPAL fraud. I had over $700 in "echecks" go through to my bank. Both fraudulent. Paypals system has no record of these checks yet my bank processed them. And now my money is totally tied up for days. I had to get a new checking account and now I will not easily get my social security check because the change is 1 month out. If you have paypal tied to your bank I would highly recommend you login NOW and disconnect it. The whole thing is rife with no real security. Paypal routed me to some call center where I was told we cannot help you. And good luck finding a "real person" to talk to. The name on the account of this scammer is marilu schwiesow .
Gary Graefen
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Gary Graefen DO NOT use a personal check for anything any more!. Apparently all that is needed to process a check is the routing and account #. The lady at the bank told me to use the online pay service of the bank to individuals. So very sad....can't even use a check any more 
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Darlene Moore Sadler Rather than go to the utility and pay online from there, set up a "pay people" account with your bank and do it that way. Is that what you are saying?
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Gary Graefen yep, your checks have the numbers on them.....un shredded they can be read and the numbers used online.
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Gary Graefen
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Tim Agle Sorry to hear this happened to you Gary. I can say at least the largest US banks (top 5 anyway) have very strong fraud protections for both themselves and you their customer. From personal experience I have been notified by my bank first when anything usual happened and they always took care of it with little to no involvement on my part. I'm not sure who your bank is, but they might be part of the problem and not necessarily PayPal.
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Gary Graefen I bank with Chase and they are fixing it. Never had an issue with them before. These transactions are labeled paypal. But the bank cannot just reject a transaction. They must process it and then you can dispute it. But until they do their thing you do not have access to that money. My biggest concern is my ss direct deposit. Its now in limbo for this month and it's my only income 
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Tim Agle Glad to hear they're fixing it. Hope everything gets straightened our soon.
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Gary Graefen
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Victoria Howard That is the Devil. Hope everything turn out all right. Keeping you in my prayers
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Gary Graefen no that is a criminal..... maybe with the devil in em LOL
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Gary Graefen
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Darlene Moore Sadler Disconnect it through my bank or Paypal?
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Gary Graefen YES I was fraud-ed with over $700 in bogus echecks. This "person" used my account number to submit fake echecks
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Gary Graefen Disconnect your bank from paypal.....I'm sorry from your paypal online account. I was getting hit hard with chats lol
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Darlene Moore Sadler Which place to call? Bank or Paypal?
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Gary Graefen paypals security is like non existent
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Gary Graefen DO NOT use a check online with the account and routing number...somehow someone has used mine fraudulently. Through paypal.
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Gary Graefen Darlene Moore Sadler you need to do these things online. If you do not have paypal this won't happen to you. But a checking account is not safe anymore. Anyone can submit an online "check" and the bank just pays it.

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