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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Oh My Way Ward Child

Oh My Way Ward Child:
I brought you into this world out of Love. You were kept because I considered you a gift.... a hope that both our lives would be rich and full of of love because of you. As you grow older I see those trials and tribulations you must go through. i have had them myself. Perhaps you are drinking to much or fall into the drug trap of if I do this I will feel better about myself. The pain will subside and I will be better. then I see what happened to me...... you get hurt, you become lost, feeling worthless and out of step. Perhaps your family falls apart, or you lose your job. I cry inside because i know these feelings. But in my life I over came these life problems. With age i grew to realize that MY LIFE is what I choose to make of it. That those issues which caused me so much grief and harm can fade into the past and leave a better soul. But my child this takes effort. You must believe that the life I helped give you is worth the effort. That you are strong enough to find in yourself the will to go on and create a happy life for yourself. No ones life is ever perfect. We are all born flawed. But it is and always has been my desire to see you happy. To over come your life issues, grow with dignity, Love and have compassion, perceive that life is a "gift". One day I will no longer be here to advise or hold you, There suddenly will be no one to call when in pain or crying. I will become a memory, one I hope you will cherish. And then live your life to it's end, and teach what I have tried to teach you. That You Are Loved, and always will be.Love Dad

Sorrow Is No Stranger:
I have lost family to suicide, best friends to bad personal behaviors, watched accidents in the street when life was just blinked out in a moment. I decided many years ago that i would become an active participant in Joy. i have written about it, created meme about it. tried to live it in my daily life. i refuse to let life get me down, no matter what. i have watched my children grow to be healthy and happy. i have loved and won. When I am blue I look to the past for the Good, the Kindness, the Generous and those who Love. I have spent sometimes 10 hours just here daily trying to show others, that YES you can be happy, Yes you can have what you want or need. Because it is an inside job. Millions of people everyday find Joy because it exists. No one can take that from you..... except yourself.
Look to the world for it's beauty, learn to smile just because it's a new day. Love just because you can. Forgive those who hurt you and Love those who sing with you. Find inner peace with those who share your values. Be something better just because you can do it. Simply Love, and it will come back to you.  -Gary

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