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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Biting The Hand Which Feeds You:

We have this bird, I introduced him before. His name is Sterling.
A Green little bird, which has a big bite. I did some basic research. Apparently this species of bird is only capable of bonding to 2 human individuals. Though I treat him well, coo at him in his cage when he is lonely. He still, every time I try to get near him fluffs his feathers wildly and attacks me like an invader. Today I noticed his water was dirty... i reached in his cage to try and change his water for him. He jumped at my hand and bit my finger hard. My mind started to associate a human reaction to this tiny bird. You little bastard..... all i am trying to do is help you...and then you hurt me for it. I started to have flashes of the past. Those who I tried to help in some way, some fashion. yet at some point in time....some acted just like this little parrot. They would bite me for no apparent reason. Perhaps one of the reasons so many of us give up on the attempt to help others is just this. We get bit, and regret the attempt. Slowly we harden and start to turn our backs. Create reasons why we were stupid to care. Promise ourselves never again...... But I will dutifully go back and with appropriate protection  again change little Sterlings water.
I try to never let life jade me. I always try to look for a reason to never stop trying. Even when my rope is at it's tightest. My reaction was an instinctive desire to smack this little bird for hurting me. Of course i didn't. After all...I am the one with compassion, given to me by a power far higher than I can comprehend. He has only the instinct to survive. I can fathom his reason for existence and natural way of being. So over my lifetime i try to use the exact same thinking with people. If they bite me...I try to forgive them. I know they are in pain. And though some who bite hard enough I must turn my back on, i still allow myself to try again with others. Because in my heart I know....they know not what they do. For 2018 i wish you love and compassion. The ability to rise above hitting back. To create something better, something real, and something full of love for others. ♥-Gary

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