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Friday, September 6, 2019

The Red Haired Homeless Lady

A Different Drummer: A trip to the store, for some special spaghetti fixins, and garlic bread. Feeling good. Life is pretty easy and pleasant lately. Cept for the pains of getting old, I get up when I want. Go to bed when I choose. Watch what I want when I what I want whenever. No worries, about much of anything really. Then I met her, Noticed her going into the store. Sitting on the ground on a old table cloth. 20 to 30 thirty something. Pretty red hair and freckles, always been a favorite to me. I went in, got what I needed came back out. She was still sitting there organizing car tools. I walked over and inquired won't start?. The most beautiful smile beamed back at me. Oh no it starts and goes. But I keep hitting things with it, she giggled. Another beautiful smile. You see right now I am living in this old car and it has been leaking water after my last bump. The front was fairly well crunched, and the radiator obviously damaged. I peeked in, and said its banged pretty good, I would go get some "aluma fix" it has real aluminum fillings in it and is good at sealing larger leaks and works fast and pretty well. She listened. Smiled. She chatted on awhile, telling me about the engine, and it's uniqueness and how she could never find a good youtube on the car because it has a v-8. I listened awhile, needing to get home I kinda excused myself. AND SHE THANKED ME........... I really did nothing for her. Homeless living in her broken car and she was kind and nice. I thought about all the things I have posted here. She was almost an embodiment of everything I have been posting. Not afraid, nor feeling hopeless or distressed. Just accepting her current situation, smiling through it all. And still able to show kindness to a stranger. I felt somewhat guilty when I got home. Looking around at my good fortune in life. And said a prayer, Dear God Please Help The Red Haired Lady. She is kind and generous in her ways. And really needs your help. I Hope Today He Hears Me. Because even the poor and distressed are often times those who can bring the biggest smiles and joys in life. And give me hope for the future. -Gary

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