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Friday, September 6, 2019

Life Battle Scars: And A Second Chance

Life Battle Scars:
 A very long time ago, I was out for a walk and almost died.... God and I had a 2 second conversation. I begged him to spare me so I could finish raising my children. He complied. I cannot help but feel it was because of the reason I asked........ Over many years I have done many things in his service. I have sheltered the un-sheltered. I have fed the hungry. At one time I took in a mentally deficient young man. He was ill prepared to care for himself and societies answer to help him was to lock him up and drug him into a stupor. He and I had an argument one day. He was determined to hurt himself by locking himself into a trailer which was 130 degrees inside. i begged him to come out. I pleaded to no avail. Finally out of frustration I started calling him names, told him what a loser he was. And how I wanted nothing to do with him any more. He suddenly came charging out, running at me full speed and used his hands to lift me off the ground and slam me on my back. He broke my rib into two pieces. I went into shock, shaking badly. But he was alive. The rib is still horribly crooked. Another time I was working a store counter, a young man came in, put some merchandise on the counter. When I opened the register for change he stuck a stun gun right were my heart is. I just keeled left and hit the floor full force on my shoulder. The shock of the impact shook off the stun, I jumped up and went to grab him as he was desperately trying to get the money out of the till. But he made it to the door. Today I have a permanently damaged left shoulder. A knot of muscle 4 inches long, and 3 inches wide. Later I found out he had no job and was hungry. So I decided not to press charges. I have risked my own life as a life guard. Stood between 2 men intent on killing each other. And more..... Someone once asked me, would I do these things again if I had a choice. I replied yes, I have two healthy, happy, grown children. They both have good jobs. And both still look out for me today. I asked for a chance and it was given to me. A few bumps and broken bones seems a small price to pay, for the chance God gave me. Today I still feel like I owe him one -Gary

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