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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fukushima: Nuclear Reactors Gone Wild: A Facebook Discussion

Happy Halloween

  • Joe Bader
     Gee thanks George..
  • 8 hours ago via mobile · Like
  • George Breed My sorrow about that, Joe.
  • Ken Cloud Needs to be shared. 
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  • Michael DuPuy "... and a third of all the fishes in the oceans,
     and a third of all the birds of the air, and a third of all the beasts 
    of the land... all died... and a third of all mankind also perished..."
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  • George Breed Thanks, Tammy. I appreciate this. Good to hear
     the other side of the story. Somehow it does not make me
     feel any better.
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  • Ken Cloud Do you really believe that the radioactivity will be 'diluted' 
    by the ocean currents? If it were that simple, why not dump all 
    radioactive material in the ocean? I am not taking that chance.
     No Pacific seafood for me...forever.
    8 hours ago via mobile · Edited · Unlike · 1
  • Ken Cloud Upon reading the 'other side of the story' more closely,
     it does nothing to debunk the bad news. E.g.: about the 'California
     sized' debris - all the article says is ' no it isn't' , no proof offered ,
     no source cited. It would be foolish to trust that kind of 'reporting'
     with the stakes so high.
    Completely ignored is the FACT that the reactor housing , 100 feet

     off the ground, is crumblimg and the 23 hot fuel rods MUST be
     extracted and cooled immediately. If two rods touch, fission results
     and the Worst Case Scenario ensues. Meanwhile TEPCO and
     the government of Japan are close to passing a gag law on press
     reporting on Fukushima.
    Which part of this are you willing to ignore?
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  • Lisa Abramson Indian country today had a good article about 
    this recently too... they ask why this is absent from
     mainstream media.... crazy....
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  • Tammy Lenz-Domike There are plenty of things to be afraid of,
     but this fear mongering is baseless. And, Ken Cloud, I live on the
     coast and would tell you if this much debris were washing up.
     What we've actually been warned about, is to not pick up metal
     tubes that wash ashore, because they are unexploded depth
     charges  our Navy is using, and they are filled with
    white phosphoreses,
    that will burn through anything known to man.
  • Ken Cloud Fearmongering? 
    "Total atmospheric releases from Fukushima so far are between

     5.6 and 8.1 times that of Chernobyl, according to the 2013
     World Nuclear Industry Status Report. Prof. Komei Hosokawa,
     who wrote the Fukushima section, told London’s Channel ...See More
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  • Carla Williamson How could an ongoing (continuing) nuclear
     disaster of these proportions not affect sea creatures, as well
     as any land mass full of people in its path? I do believe there has
     been an attempt to diminish the truth and cover it to some degree
     to keep people from panicking so the fish industry will not suffer
     and people will not rise up and protest further.
     Just my humble opinion.
    4 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Lynn Stanton Cornish I was following this but have since
     planted my head firmly in the sand. I feel powerless.
  • Tammy Lenz-Domike Don't feel powerless, Lynn.
     Find something local you can do. I'm working with 
    Wild Olympics Campaign to protect
     our rivers and forests, and Citizens for a Clean Harbor to keep 
    Coal & Crude By Rail Tar Sands ports from devastating the
     coast *for reals*. Just look for good science,
     not conspiracy theories.
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  • Gary Graefen It is hardly fear mongering to detail an out of
     control situation for over 2 years now that could have ramifications 
    that can last over 2000 years-sorry to pop your blissful bubble. 
    Go ahead an start eating pacific seafood.
    2 hours ago · Like · 2
  • Greg LeFever Hmmm, there are two overlapping symbols
     where I live (Portland, Oregon) ~ one shows we're fried,
     the other is "normal." Do I get to choose?
  • Ken Cloud So Tammy:a statement from the 2013
     World Nuclear Industry Status report is "conspiracy theory"? 
    The industry is involved in a conspiracy to downgrade itself???
     Are You making sense? I purposely cited an INDUSTRY
     evaluation instead of an environmental group report.
    2 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • Gary Graefen Fried is a sensational headline-but the
     radioactivity  being dumped into the ocean is being found
     in fish all over the pacific.  It is cumulative, the fish will become
    more and more radioactive  until they die.
     Animals at the top of the food chain-like us, will get higher
     dose exposure if you eat the fish. Saftey levels I consider a joke.
     There is no safe level of radioactivity-just levels that won't kill you.
     But any abnormal level can cause cancer in
     young people at a later date.
  • Ann-Marie Stillion George Breed I live at the heart of all this
     on the west coast in Affordable Art Fair Seattle. If it were true,
     the northwest would be going crazy. We have a huge relationship
     to the ocean fishing. Some of those sites are just crackpot sites.
  • Ken Cloud TEPCO itself and Japan's government acknowledge
     publicly that about 400 TONS of contaminated water DAILY
     are being discharged into the ocean directly . Radioactivity is not
     water  soluble so that it dissipates after a couple of weeks!!
     "CRACKPOT:?  Do you think commercial fishermen are going
     to advertise  that their product may be unfit to eat??
    You live there and don't want  this to be happening, I get that.
     But turning a blind eye is akin  to climate change deniers.
     I wish that you were correct.
     I fear that you are not
    2 hours ago via mobile · Edited · Like
  • Gary Graefen Your wrong Ann, I live in Tacoma-the west coast
     fishing industry is worth trillions-so there is a giant vested interest
     in keeping quiet as long as possible. Yes there are crackpot sites-
    that doesn't negate "THE FACT" that radio active water is being
     dumped daily into the pacific. It doesn't just magically dissolve. 
    Women seem to think that our government will tell them when
     things are unsafe. Did your government tell you they were
     spying on you?-of course not. Did they tell the hundreds of soldiers
     they exposed deliberately to radioactivity-NO.
     That is also a historical fact. No one is going crazy-
    Because no one wants to talk about it.
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  • Gary Graefen The Guardian is a real newspaper
    Exposure to emissions would be fatal within hours, say
    Japanese authorities, as race to build frozen wall begins
  • Carla Williamson Years from now we will know what is truly
     happening now with radioactive contamination of fish.
     Since we are already the walking dead - what the hell? Eat away!!!
    about an hour ago via mobile · Like · 1
  • Carla Williamson Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.
    about an hour ago via mobile · Unlike · 2

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