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Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Am Not Afraid

You have a right to say what you believe and so do I
You can be who and what you are-I will not condemn you
You can live where you decide and attend what you want
You can believe what you choose
You Can be Rich or Poor
You can marry or be single
You can Travel where you will
You can have many children or none
You can work or not
You can be educated or illiterate
You can be fat or thin
You can be Black,White, or Brown
You can come from any Nation on Earth
You can partake of any food, place or activity within the law
I can die for your right to be
I can allow my children to die for your right to be
I can look you in the eye and Say-You and I are Brothers
Because You and I are
Please be one-and Vote this coming election
My Best wishes for your health and happiness
This Blog is dedicated to the millions of young men who never came home.
And my two sons, who I am very proud of,who through the Grace of God-Did get home

Survival-The Kiss Of Death

Scientists have predicted:

A world population of 9,309,051,539 By 2050

Oil supplies will end at some point

All our agriculture depends on fertilizers made from oil.

Millions are already starving to death globally

Land use is totally destroying natural habitat globally

Global warming is increasing ,tornados,hurricanes,floods and other natural disasters.

Clean drinking water is more and more difficult to obtain everywhere.

Open land except for parks and agriculture is becoming non-existant.

More and More people will die from disease because of poor sanitation and lack of fresh water.

Global economies are dependant on consumption, yet that very thing is what is destroying the planet.

The only REAL solutions:

Mandatory sterilization, Fixed number of children,mandatory abortions.

Oil use dictated by need and supply,fixed travel allotments

Mandatory requirements of eco sustainable lifestyles, similar to the indian.

Mandatory implementation of green technology

The demise of the personal automobile

The end of democracy as we know it.

Forced pollution control on ALL manufacturing.

Forced lifestyle implementation-ie, you live where and how you are told.

Routine execution of the old,handicapped,mentally ill and everyone else who provides nothing.

If population increases do not stop the above senerio is not just possible but probable. It will happen out of the desire of our species to survive. Or perhaps it will all end due to wars waged for natural resources. Rats eat each other out of lack of space and food.

All that can be done is change-change your lifestyle,change your habits,change your expectations.

It will not matter to me, I will be dead

But my children and grand children will be here-I pity them, all I can offer is hope-But I fear it is empty hope.

The human race has lost its way.

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Reply to Charles Shaughnessy's blog

Hello Charlie,
Yes sadly the world is replete with more doom and gloom. It is extending to every facet of human life and every nation. From economic hardship, to the very serious problems of global warming. I have been writing for years trying to get people to open there eyes. My blog is full of messages written as much as 15 years ago, trying to get people to take action.

But in this holiday season there are some reasons for hope.

Today a global warming conferance has taken significant steps towards addressing the problem.

With a new presidential election soon to take place we have a real opportunity to elect someone who is willing to make sacrifices for the greater public good. And the candidates to fullfill the promise.

Technology is advancing at record breaking pace to try and solve the current and future issues we face as a species.

Awarenesss and the desire to "do something" is gaining momentum

Hundreds of thousands here in America are demanding a return to the fundamental principles of the constitution and American democracy.

The protection of global animal species has taken on a renewed interest, and action is taking place instead of just talk.

Though the path is still unclear the american and foreign auto makers are desperately working for solutions to american dependance on foreign oil. 

Green technology is growing, and the uses expanding.

The message about human rights and dignity expands with the ever increasing functionality and spread of the internet.

The internet has provided a forum for people like you and I, bypassing the political restraints and negative capital issues which affect free speech, the right to know, and political agenda.

So there is HOPE Charlie, a form of hope I havn't felt in a very long time.

I wish you and your family a wonderful and Joyous Holiday Season!
And a prayer that 2008 will be the year history records as the year the world woke up.

Gary Graefen 2008
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